Jay Sadguru Swami - Aarti - ? (leela & meaning)

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JAY SADGURU SWAMI    - Sadguru Shree Muktanand Swami  ( ગુજરાતીમાં - જય સદગુરુ સ્વામી - આરતી ? (લીલા - અર્થ સહિત) )

Jay Sadguru Swami Jay Sadguru Swami

Sahjanand Dayalu, (2) Balvant Bahunami, Jay. Dev (2)…1

Charansaroj Tamara Vandu Kar Jodi;

Charane Sish Dharyathi, (2)Dukh Nakhya Todi.. Jay. Dev (2…2

Narayan Narbhrata Dwijkul Tanudhari;

Pamar Patit Udharya, (2) Aganit Narnari.. Jay. Dev (2) …3

Nitya Nitya nautam leela karta Avinashi,

Adsath teerathc harane, koti Gayaa Kashi .. Jay. Dev (2) …4

Purushottam Paragatnu Je Darshan Karse

Kal Karamthi Chhuti, (2) Kutum Sahit Tarase.. Jay. Dev(2)…5

Aa Avsar Karunanidhi, Karuna Bahu Kidhi;

Muktanand Kahe Mukti (2)Sugam Kari Sidhi.. Jay. Dev (2…6



This is the Aarti. When a devotee sings this Aarti with true emotion, heart and just to praise the Almighty, Bhagwan truly listens and comes running to aid the devotee. However, this Aarti must be sung with the conviction that you are praying to the Almighty who is always in His unequivocally great and glorious form, and it must be sung with the most selfless of intentions without any treachery or malice in the heart of the devotee and only then will Lord Swaminarayan listen to the devotee’s prayers.

When Muktanand Swami received the news about the Samadhi Prakran and how Swaminarayan Bhagwan was putting people into Samadhi so easily, Muktanand Swami started thinking that when Ramanand Swami was the Guru and the Acharya of the Sampradaya, He never sent people into Samadhi in the way that Swaminarayan Bhagwan was doing so and so Muktanand Swami became concerned as to why Swaminarayan Bhagwan began this new practice. Muktanand Swami considered his Guru, Ramanand Swami, to be an incarnation of Lord Shree Krishna, and Ramanand Swami ordered all the devotees of the Uddhav Sampradaya to follow Swaminarayan Bhagwan as their Guru and the Acharya of the Uddhav Sampradaya as Swaminarayan Bhagwan is the successor of Ramanand Swami. Nevertheless, Muktanand Swami wanted to let Swaminarayan Bhagwan know that he was uncomfortable with the way that Bhagwan was sending everyone into a trance so easily. Swaminarayan Bhagwan had the utmost respect for Muktanand Swami and the guidance Swamiji gave, but Bhagwan realized Muktanand Swami would only understand what Sahajanand Swami was doing when Swamiji understands who Swaminarayan Bhagwan really is.

On Kartik Sud 10 of V.S. 1859 (Friday, September 5, 1802) Maharaj and the Santo had gone to the river in Kalvani to take their daily bath. During all of this, Ramanand Swami appeared in his divine form in front of and gave darshan to Muktanand Swami, and Ramanand Swami reminded Muktanand Swami of something that Ramanand Swami used to say. Ramanand Swami said, “Your new guru, who you all know as Sahajanand Swami, is actually the Supreme Almighty. Remember that I used to tell you all that I am just the drummer of the band, but the lead singer has yet to come. Well! I was talking about Sahajanand Swami; He truly is the incarnation of all incarnations. After receiving this last sermon from Guru Ramanand Swami, Muktanand Swami forgot all his doubts about whomSwaminarayan Bhagwan was and he resolutely made up his mind that Swaminarayan Bhagwan was truly the Supreme Almighty and on that very day with true conviction that Swaminarayan Bhagwan is God he sang the Aarti for the very first time.



The meaning of the Aarti is as follows:


Jay Sadaguru Swami, Prabhu Jay Sadaguru Swami

Swaminarayan Bhagwan’s divine form is unremitting through the past, present, and future. He uncovers our ignorance and sheds the light of knowledge upon us, and so He is also our Guru. True knowledge can only be obtained by the grace of Bhagwan, and therefore, only Bhagwan can guide the soul to salvation as that soul’s Guru. This is why Muktanand Swami hails undisputed victory to Lord ShreeSwaminarayan, the Lord of all of creation.


Sahajanand Dayalu, Balawant Bahunami

Even with His infinite power, Swaminarayan Bhagwan is so merciful that He so easily graces those who chant His holy name with the divine happiness of his divine form. The Maya, or illusion, that in which He created this universe is so strong that yogis, who have performed the most austere of penance, have not been able to overcome this illusion. But, He is so much stronger than this illusion that he so easily helps His devotees overcome the illusions when they just simply chant His name, and He has many such names.


Charan saroj tamaara vandu kar jodi,

Charane sheesh dharyaathi, dukh naakhya todi

Oh Lord! I bow down to Your lotus-feet because by simply placing my head at Your lotus-feet, all of my sorrows disappear.


Narayan Nar Bhraata Dvij kul tanu dhaari,

Paamar patit uddhaarya, aganit nar naari

Dear Lord! You are Narayan, Himself. The scriptures declare that You reside in Vaikunth in the form of LakshmiNarayan, in Shwetdeep in the form of Vasudev Narayan, in the form of Virat Narayan, and others, but, You are also forever performing austere penance in Badrikashram for the welfare of the universe as Bhagwan Narayan, the older brother of Nar Bhagwan. You graced this earth by taking birth into the pious Saryupaareen Brahmin family ofShree Dharmadev, and by doing so; you have led countless souls to salvation just by giving them darshan.


Nitya NityanautamleelakartaAvinashi,

Adsathteerathcharane, koti GayaaKashi

You always do things to make your devotees happy, and by doing so, You captivate Your devotees with Your divine and indestructible form, from which Your devotees achieve divine happiness. Furthermore, simply bowing down to and touching Your lotus feet is equivalent to making countless pilgrimages to Gayaa, Kashi, and the 68 holy places listed in the Agni Puran.


Purushottam Pragat nu je darshan karshe

Kaalkaramthichooti, kutumbsahittarshe

Whosoever does darshan of Your divine and ever-present form will be free from the cycle of life and death and the illusion of the world, and along with their families, will attain salvation and a place in Your divine abode, Akshardham.


Aaavasarkarunaneedhi, karunabahukeedhi,

Muktanand kahemukti, sugamkariseedhi

Muktanand Swami rejoices in the fact that during this era of Kaliyug, You, the treasure of mercy, are so merciful that You have made it so very easy to attain salvation and that this chance might never come again.

Kirtan Leela and meaning from  “Sarth Kirtnawali” – Publisher – Shree Sahajanand Gurukul, Asharwa, Ahmedabad
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